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SHARPS (Needle/Syringe) Disposal Program

SHARPS (Needle/Syringe) Disposal Program
SHARPS needle disposal is offered by the Braintree Health Division, located at 90 Pond St., 2nd Floor, Braintree, MA.  Needles can be dropped off at the Health Division, Monday - Friday, 8:00AM-6:00PM for the following disposal fee:

  • $3.00 for a small 1 quart SHARPS container
  • $ 6.00 for a large two quart SHARPS container

Additionally, SHARPS needle containers can be purchased at the Health Division for a fee of $3.00 for a small 1 quart SHARPS container, and $ 6.00 for a large two quart SHARPS container.

Please note the Health Division can only accept needles/syringes that are in a red SHARPS container.



Please be advised that the Town's policy for response to discarded syringes/needles if found on public property is to contact the

Braintree Police Department at 781-843-1212 or the Braintree Health Department at 781-794-8090 for their retrieval and investigation.