How do I dispose of Construction Materials?

Construction & Demolition Bulky Waste

Construction and Demolition bulky waste, is not picked up curbside and not accepted at the Residential drop-off center. Construction and Demolition (C&D) includes: windows, doors, flooring, roof materials, fencing, pallets, toilets, etc. - ANY NON-Household trash item per new MA Dept. of Environmental Protection Regulations.    Construction and Demolition bulky waste including pressure treated wood, may be brought to:

  • Champion City Recovery - 138 Wilder Street, Brockton, (appt only) (508)-941-6700.  (Tunnel Hill Partners)  *Cost: $220/Ton Min:$40 (up to 400 lbs.)
  • James Grant Co. - 20 Wolcott St., Hyde Park (617) 361-2716  *Cost: $185/Ton Min:$60
  • Marshfield Transfer Station - 23 Clay Pit Rd., Marshfield (781) 834-5566  *Cost: $150/Ton Min: $100
  • Trojan Recycling - 71 Forest St Brockton (508)-588-2332  *Cost: $225/Ton Min: $225
  • Dump Truck Loads only:
    1. Stoughton Recycling Technologies 100 Page St., Avon (781)-341-9920  *Cost: $220/Ton Min $220
  • Pick-Up Service Only - Willards Disposal 617-770-4503 - Call for pricing & scheduling
  • Usable building materials, kitchen and bath fixtures, flooring, windows, doors, lighting, etc., may also be donated to the Boston Building Materials Resource Center in Roxbury (pickup available for a fee), or to Habitat for Humanity ReStores in West Roxbury, Plymouth and other Massachusetts locations. View the Boston Building Resources website or the Habitat for Humanity Restore website.
  • As an alternative to renting a dumpster, Waste Management sells "the Bagster" at most local hardware or home improvement stores, for more information view the Waste Management Bagster website. They hold 3 cubic yards of material. Call them for a pickup when it is full. $300 includes pickup.

*....Call to Confirm Cost & Hours


    TLC  36 Vernon Street, Quincy 617-773-0055

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