Questions concerning Building Code Variances

1. What if my project makes it impossible to comply with a provision in the building code? - The Department of Municipal Licenses does not have the authority to waive a requirement of the building code.  If code compliance is not possible due to a unique situation, a variance must be obtained from the State Board of Building Regulations and Standards.

2. How do I obtain a variance? - Applications are available in the Department of Municipal Licenses or at the State Department of Public Safety.  It is a lengthy process so allow ample time in your project scheduling.

3. What if something is not covered in the building code? - In that unlikely situation, the building inspector has the authority to approve or disapprove the proposed method of construction.

4. What if I don’t agree with a decision of the inspector? - If the disagreement cannot be resolved, an appeal can be filed with the State Board of Building Regulations and Standards, using the same application for a variance.

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