What happens to my request?

The Records Access Officer must furnish a copy or permit inspection of public records within ten business days as long as:

  • The request reasonably describes the public record sought;
  • The public record is within the possession, custody or control of the municipality that the records access officer serves;
  • The public record is not exempted by statuary ; and
  • If applicable, the records access officer receives payment of a reasonable fee

If the Records Access Officer is unable to provide a full response to your request within the ten business days he or she must respond to your request and include the following information:

  • Confirmation of your request
  • Identify the correct RAO if the request was submitted to the wrong RAO
  • Outline what will be withheld, if know
  • Provide an explanation for the inability to provide the records within the timeframe
  • When a response is expected

*Responses will be delivered by email if an email has been provided otherwise; the response will be delivered by first-class mail.

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