Watson Park Shoreline Stabilization Project

The Watson Park Shoreline Stabilization and Coastal Resilience Project was largely completed in the summer of 2022. The project:

  • restored approximately 4200 square feet of salt marsh, 
  • stabilized the eroding coastal bank, 
  • elevated the walkway to help protect the park from flooding
  • installed several rain gardens to treat stormwater runoff prior to its discharge to the Fore River. . 

A few items will be completed in the fall, such as removing the goose fencing which was installed to protect the new plantings.

The project was funded by MA Coastal Zone Management (CZM) and the Braintree Community Preservation Committee.  Woods Hole Group and Fuss and O'Neil designed and engineered the project.  SumCo Eco Contracting was the site contractor.  Construction began in March, 2022 and was completed in June, 2022. 

 Watson Park Shoreline Stabilization and Coastal Resilience Plans

Watson Park Project Completion Site Walk - Tuesday, August 16 at 6PM 

Salt Marsh PlantingSalt Marsh Planting

Salt Marsh MonitoringVolunteer Training for Salt Marsh Monitoring - July 2022

Elevated WalkwayElevated Walkway- looking out over the restoration area - August 2022

sculptureSea Level Rise Sculpture

erosionBefore: The eroding bank at the end of the seawall

Watson Park park flooded twice in 2018.   The impacts of climate change, including sea level rise and the increased frequency of severe storms are expected to contribute to more regular flooding of the park in the coming decades. A long-term solution is needed. flooding

2018 Storm Surge Flooding of Watson Park 

Questions or comments may be directed to:

Kelly Phelan, Conservation Planner, at kphelan@braintreema.gov or 781 794-8233.