Historic Elm Street Cemetery

(Special Town Meeting 2007 Article 4A)

Funding was appropriated in order to engage a firm to research existing documentary materials and assess site conditions in order to map this historic cemetery and develop a Preservation Management Plan which provides a multi-year preservation and restoration plan for the conservation of monuments and stones. The new map includes the location of grave markers, monuments and family plots by number and cross-referenced alphabetically by name.

Tombstones at Elm Street Cemetery

Gravestone Conservation

(Town Council Orders 13-026/13-04)

These appropriations were for gravestone conservation work following the recommendations included in the Preservation Management Plan and resulted in the restoration of gravestones described in the Plan as having “critical need” as well as installation of security measures in the cemetery.

White Tombstone at Elm Street Cemetery

Fence & Stone Wall Restoration

(Town Council Order 16-022/16-023)

These appropriations are for restoration of the perimeter cast iron fencing, stone walls, and wrought iron fencing that encloses the cemetery. This project restores the historic fabric of the cemetery while simultaneously improving the site aesthetics and security.

Elm Street Cemetery Fench and Stone Wall