Mayor's Office

Message from Mayor Charles C. Kokoros

Welcome to Braintree’s Official Town Website! Please take the time to visit all the great resources on this site, from paying your bills online, to job opportunities, or even keeping informed through our Braintree Blue Newsletter. You can find all types of information on this website regarding each department and each board within the municipality. I hope that this website can answer any questions you may have.

Duties & Responsibilities 

The Mayor is elected by the voters and serves a four-year term. As stated in the Town Charter, the Mayor is the chief executive officer whose powers can be exercised by him personally, or through the different boards and departments under his general supervision. 

The Mayor is also responsible for the daily management of our municipal government, which includes handling budgetary matters and his participation in any projects that require the town’s planning or development. The Mayor’s Office is represented at any State or Federal issues involving Braintree. If you have any concerns, the Mayor’s Office is open during Town Hall hours. 

Mayor and Town Council Town Hall Forums

Mayor Kokoros will be holding a Town Hall in each of the six Districts with the District’s respective Town Councilor to hear from residents and address questions from residents. 

  • District 1 - Julia Flaherty: Monday, March 9th 5pm-7pm at “The Links” at the Braintree Golf Course Clubhouse
  • District 4 - Stephen O’Brien: Wednesday, March 4th 5pm-7pm at East Middle School Library/Media Center
  • District 6 - Lawrence Mackin: Wednesday, February 26th 7pm-9pm at South Middle School Auditorium 

Applications and Permits