Fiscal Year 2021 Budget

Fiscal Year 21 Budget Quarterly Updates

FY21 Budget Overview by Department - Committee on Ways and Means Q&A

- FY21 Budget Graphs (PDF)                                   - Golf Course (PDF)

- Revenue Questions (PDF)                                     -  Fire Department (PDF)

- General Questions (PDF)                                       - Police Department (PDF)

- Human Resources Department (PDF)                   - Department of Elder Affairs (PDF)

- Thayer Public Library (PDF)                                   - Braintree Public Schools Overview (PDF)

- Town Solicitor (PDF)                                               - Braintree Public Schools Q&A (PDF)

- Mayor’s Office (PDF)                                               - Finance Division (PDF)                                            

- Department of Public Works (PDF)                         - Town Council (PDF)

- Town Clerk (PDF)

- Department of Municipal Licenses and Inspections (PDF)

- Planning and Community Development Department (PDF)