Stormwater Permitting

The Stormwater Division and its regulations were created to protect, maintain, and enhance public health, safety, welfare, and the environment by establishing procedures to control the adverse effects of active development and post development stormwater pollution. In order to mitigate this pollution, we have a permitting system that allows us to work with you before and during your project to make sure that our town remains protected after the project is completed. This page provides you with any pertinent information you need to successfully apply for a permit including...

  • How to determine what type of permit you need
  • How to apply for permits
  • The fee schedule for all permits

Please be advised, all permits need to be completed online via Permiteyes. If you have any questions, please email us at , call us at 781-794-8930, or come into our office at 85 Quincy Ave. where we will gladly help you through the process.

How To Determine What Type of Permit You Need

Online Stormwater Permitting

All Stormwater Permits MUST be submitted online via our permitting website, PermitEyes. This portal allows you to track every step of the permitting process including approvals, upcoming steps, and fees. You can scan all pertinent documents and information to the website, as well as submit payments. Should you have any issues or questions, please reach out at 781-794-8930.

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Required Permit Submissions

  1. Major Stormwater Permit
  2. Minor Stormwater Permit
  • Copies of any approvals received from the Conservation Commission or Planning Board
  • Project Narrative describing existing conditions, proposed development and methods used to mitigate stormwater impacts as well as an evaluation and implementation of Low Impact Development Best Management Practices  
  • Stormwater Management Plan in accordance with Appendix B of the Stormwater Regulations that includes: 
    • Existing Conditions Plan with property line information, existing topography (2 foot contour interval), existing utilities, drainage, tree line, wetland boundaries, stamped and signed by a MA registered Professional Land Surveyor 
    • Site Plan with site layout, proposed grading (2 foot contour interval) proposed utilities, proposed clearing, stormwater management measures, soil testing data and limit of work line, signed and stamped by a MA registered Professional Engineer
  • Stormwater Report that includes:
    • Completed Mass DEP Stormwater Checklist signed and stamped by a MA registered Professional Engineer 
    • Pre and Post-development hydrologic calculations in accordance with Article VI of the Stormwater Regulations
  • Operations and Maintenance Plan in accordance with Appendix D of the Stormwater Regulations
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan in accordance with Appendix C of the Stormwater Regulations or SWPPP as required by NPDES Construction General Permit
  • Construction Schedule including estimated dates for initiation and completion for such tasks as clearing and grubbing, grading, utility installation, construction of buildings, paving and final grading and landscaping

Permitting Fee Schedule

Each Stormwater Management Permit application must include the required filing fee. This fee is payable at the time of application and is non-refundable. If you have any questions about the following fee information, reach out at or 781-794-8930

Activity Application Fee
Existing Building/Drain Connection No charge
Land Disturbance more than 2,500 SF but less than 6,000 SF $100.00
New or Redeveloped Single/Two Family House $250.00
Residential Development other than Single Family House  
Residential Subdivisions  
2-3 Lots $300.00
4-10 Lots $1,000.00
11+ Lors $1,500.00
Multi-Family Structures  
Townhouses, condominiums, apartments larger than 2 units  
3-10 Units $700.00
11-23 Units $900.00
24-40 Units $2,000.00
41+ Units $2,750.00
Commercial and Industrial Projects  
Disturbance of 2,500 - 5,000 SF $400.00
Disturbance of 5,001 - 21,779 SF $500.00
Disturbance of 21,780 (1/2 Acre) - 1 Acre $600.00
Disturbance of 1.1 - 2 Acres $700.00
Disturbance of 2.1 - 10 Acres $1,000.00
Disturbance of 10+ Acres $1,500.00
Request for Certificate of Completion  
Single or Two Family House $100.00
All Others $200.00